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    Tutorial: how to make a study schedule.

    1. Make a reference sheet with separate lists for each subject. This reference sheet is used to orient your daily studying.
    2. List the material you need to study for each subject. Be more specific than you would be on a study schedule and make sure you put down everything you need to go over.
    3. On your schedule, highlight the exam dates and deadlines and put down any relevant information.
    4. Using your reference sheet, assign certain material to go through each day.

    Scheduling tips

    • If you haven’t been working on study material throughout the semester; schedule days before your study leave to work on study sheets for revision, flash cards, summaries, whatever you use to study. 
    • Take a day to gather your study material before your study leave begins. Like the weekend classes end or so. This will save you a lot of time when you sit down to study every day.
    • Schedule your studying so that you start studying for the last final first, and the first final last. Make sure you start this early enough to give yourself time to revise for the subjects you need to.
    • If you have a day between each of your finals, take the night of the final off and revise for the next exam the day after. If not, take the couple of hours after your exam off then revise for the next one.
    • Schedule the harder/heavier material in a subject first, so that you work on that material when you have more energy.
    • If you’re taking subjects that you have difficulty with, or subjects with a heavy workload; schedule catch up days. However, don’t let that encourage you to slack off. Try to stick to your schedule and only rely on the catch up days if you really need to, and if you don’t; then it’s a day off!
    • Also, schedule days off… a day or if you can’t afford it, half a day. I can’t stress how important it is to take time for yourself, it’ll help you avoid burnout. 

    Disclaimer: this is the way I’ve been making study schedules since I started college. By no means am I claiming it’s perfect or that everybody should follow it.

    I’m sorry I’m posting this by the end of the year when a lot of people are already done with exams, but perhaps it’ll be helpful for people taking summer courses now? And also for next year :)

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    This is just a great picture. Look at those happy dogs!

    "These are my babies!! We MADE these!!"

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    There is someone out there for everybody.

    It just might be a goose.

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    i love star trek!!!!


    guys people think that i think this is actually star trek i dont want to be remembered like this

    set phasers to fruit salad 

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    Seal with a data-logger on it’s head. [x]

    "I’ve got a fuckin data logger on my head"

    "I know lmao"

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    Don’t let anyone else ruin your life. Only YOU can ruin your life. Go ruin your life. Set your house on fire.

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    you could read this from right to left or left to right and it doesnt matter. it doesnt matter

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    The Leatherdos is a hair clip that doubles as a multi-tool that combines 5 different tools in a tiny hair clip: screw-drivers, a wrench, a trolley coin, a ruler, and a cutting edge.


    This some of that James Bond shit.

    Swiss Army Hairclip

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